Room For Fun

I’ve taken up a lot of new hobbies lately, so I’m glad I live in a place that’s big enough to store all of my fun toys. That’s another great thing about living at the Preserve at Rock Springs luxury apartments, lots of storage space in every home and garages to keep all of the big things you want to protect.


I recently got back into biking, something I haven’t done since I was a kid. It’s great to get out there and feel the wind on your face while you’re burning a few calories. I did a lot of research and talked to some biking buddies before settling on a Liv Sedona DX by Giant cycles. I love the color and the comfort and it can easily transition from city social rides to longer workouts. Just be sure to always wear a helmet and use lights at night if you decide to take up biking!


I’m also interested in taking up kayaking, though it’s getting a little late in the year to start. Maybe I’ll put a small kayak on my Christmas list and make it a New Year’s resolution for 2017. I can’t believe we’re almost to October already!


The Preserve at Rock Springs has room for all of your toys, big or small. A few of my neighbors use their garages as rooms for the hobbies, whether it’s crafting or making music. And a few store gorgeous cars being lovingly restored by their owners.


Whatever your hobby, the Preserve at Rock Springs luxury apartments has the space for you.